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CordDock for iPhone

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Docks & Qi chargers are nice because you always know where they are, they lessen clutter, and have a nice viewing angle - but its not ideal to see/use/reach for your phone while docked & Qi is slow.

Cords are nice because you can freely hold and use your phone while charging - but they clutter, you have to hunt for the cord head, and they take two hands to connect. That's why we designed CordDock, a hybrid combining the best of both - without their downsides.

All the benefits of a dock + the flexibility of a cord

You always know where it is, one-hand undocking, convenient viewing angle, and you can freely use/hold iPhone in your hand when you want to.

It just works, easily

Pull up to undock one-handed. Or rotate forward to take the cord with you.

And it's self guiding to reset the cord back in.

It's also the smallest dock for iPhone

Cordock's tiny footprint is a fraction the size of even Apple's docks. We think you'll really appreciate how little area it takes up, especially at your desk or bedside, where space is valuable.

Great with cases

The backpad is dial adjustable and the magnetic baseplates are easy to swap. Fits cases up to 4mm (that’s almost all cases except OtterBox).

Mechanically Engineered

The spring loaded detents disengage with a 20:1 lever force when you rotate the phone forward - that makes it’s easy to use and puts little force on the Lighting connector (much less than a standard dock). And cyclical loading is solved with a specially designed stainless steel & dual polymer connector - so it can take several lifetimes of use.


- Combines the flexibility of a cord, with the benefits of a dock, in one ultra-compact design.

- Directions: Pull up to undock one-handed like normal. Or rotate forward to take the cord with you!

- Tiny footprint - it's the smallest dock for iPhone.

- Adjusts to fit cases up to 4mm thick (that's most cases except Otterbox).

- Minimal matte finish. Machined stainless steel & reinforced polymer construction. The NanoPad bottom locks to smooth surfaces with micro air-suction (not adhesive). Premium 6ft braided cord.

- Apple MFi certified with an Apple-made connector.

- Powers 2-3x faster than Qi & you can freely pick up your iPhone while charging.