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What's the news on the new iPhone?

What's the news on the new iPhone?

So what's the goss on the street about what the new iPhone will be like? At Try and Byte, we've done some sleuthing and here's a quick roundup of what we can expect from the new devices -


iPhone lineup
It looks like there will be four models launched - iPhone 12 (5.4"), iPhone 12 Max (6.1"), iPhone 12 Pro (6.1") and iPhone 12 Pro Max (6.7"). The price for the 5.4" model is expected to stay the same as the iPhone 11 equivalent and there is no information yet on the prices for the larger sized iPhones.


5G connectivity
All the new iPhones are expected to have 5G connectivity, however it is expected that only the Pro Max model will support super fast 5G (mmWave).


iPhone design changes
In terms of the design, the iPhone 12 range is expected to hark back to a more slab-sided design (remember the iPhone 4?).


No charger or earpods
All good news so far, except for the rumour that it will ship without a charger or earpods! The alleged reasons are that it will make the iPhone 12 comparable in price to the 11 (even with the upgrade to 5G connectivity) and it will keep freight costs down.

More to come....
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